A little more about us

It's not just a name. From the heart, all of our team members are thrill seekers. Whether that means pushing the limits of technology and creative skills to accomplish the mission for a customer or exploring new ways to enjoy the Northwest, we love to get the pulse racing. 

Some insights about our team members

Design Award Winners
One of our staff members has been recognized as an award winning website developer
Lifelong Northwesterners
It takes a unique breed to survive and thrive in the Northwest and we are proud of it!
We are Committed
Setting a plan and completing the task takes special people to do it right. Our team is formed with these goals in mind.
Motorcycle Riders
As a team it's fun to be able to work and play together. Come join us for our annual ride!
Worked Internationally
Some of our team members have experience in working with international companies on multi-national marketing efforts.
We are Passionate
Each member you work with loves what they do and are passionate about being effective in your results!
Bungee Jumping Experience
Thrill Seekers go beyond the office with fun in unexpected places. The owner has had and loved his Bunjee experience!
We are Dedicated
As a Thrill Seeker customer, we are dedicated to making your experience as satisfying as possible. 
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